Years later, Vitamin C has proven to be a vital antioxidant. Doctors usually recommend it to all their patients because it is one of the body’s major antioxidant protectors, and it helps to restore Vitamin E to its full potency so that it can continue to quench free radicals. This vitamin should be taken with the meals three times a day. And for those who are ill or having degenerative disease, doctors recommend 1000 milligrams of Vitamin C three times a day. The RDA for Vitamin C is only 60 milligrams but doctors do not believe that people will receive adequate antioxidant protection from such a small dose. A cup of orange or grapefruit juice contains about 100 milligrams of Vitamin C. One papaya has about 188 milligrams of Vitamin C. About one million people die each year in the United States from cardiovascular disease and about twelve million worldwide. Heading sustained by car rental Bucharest Romania.
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Back pain will affect over 80 percent of Americans at some point in their life. That’s why we have so many chiropractors and orthopedic surgeons. Without question, flexibility exercises and abdominal strengthening routines are most important for a healthy back. Adequate daily water intake is essential for healthy disks of the back. To avoid strain on lower back, always lift heavy objects by bending your knees, not waist. Maintain good posture and avoid excessive jarring exercises. Normally people who run marathons however develop serious back problems from disks that were wearing out and from arthritis of the back. If people have similar kind of back problems they are advised to avoid the jarring motion of running on a hard surface instead they can switch to cycling, swimming, brisk walking or other low intensity exercises. These exercises are better than running or jogging because they condition our hearts without damaging or destroying joints or bones. Articles published in Article Directory.
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Many nutritionists believe that the nutrients in soy foods make soy the most powerful antioxidant. Research shows that women consuming soy on a consistent basis in the United States have a much less incidence of developing cancer especially cancer of the breast. Doctors are convinced that both cabbage and soy are imperative for women to prevent breast cancer. They are also vital for women in the prevention of prostate cancer. The potent nutrients in soy include protease inhibitors and plant estrogens. Cancers are able to create new blood vessels which are called angiogenesis. The nutrients in soy are able to prevent the growth of new blood vessels in laboratory cultures. The Japanese consume thirty to fifty times more soy than Americans. This may be the reason why the rates for breast cancer and prostate cancer are four times higher in United States than in Japan. It is interesting to note, however, that when Japanese men come to America and begin to eat western food their rate of prostate cancer elevates to that of Americans. Heading sustained by Rent a car Romania.
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Laughter A Good Medicine

In the earth human beings were the only living beings gifted with humor-sense other than any other living beings. The living being which knows to laugh is called as human beings. Whenever we feel angry we can destroy the angry character in us by laughing. It is believed that by laughing we can reduce blood pressure. Those people who manage their laugh and controls their laugh will be affected by some physical problem in addition to that it pays way for blood pressure as well. Laughing is the simple meditation that gives strength for both physical and mental health. When we laugh, breathing is quickening as we inhale and exhale through vocal cords. Laughing gives full exercise to face, stomach, neck shoulder and diaphragm. For reducing the heart rate and to burn up calories it is necessary to laugh. Researchers have also found that a perfect laugh will also prevent ulcers and digestive disorders. When we laugh every organ in our body is affected. Laughing is the gifted medicine for us. Whenever I feel angry my blood pressure and heart beat is increased at that time I used to laugh to overcome the blood pressure and rise of heart beat. Articles published in Onlne Free Articles.
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Dealing with Hair Loss

There are many causes of hair loss: genetic (such as hypotichosis), medical (like chemotherapy), disease, or even due to an accident or surgery. No matter what the cause, hair loss is still a problem that needs a solution from a professional hair loss clinic. Genetic hair loss is often present in males, and makes its presence known as age advances. Because it runs in the family, there really isn't anything one can do save for wearing a wig or having the scalp implanted with hair follicles. Some medical procedures such as chemotherapy will also cause hair loss. Because of the radiation levels involved, hair falls out and the patient is hairless during most of the treatment. Hair lost this way will often grow back, but the patient is bald during the intervening time. Accidents and surgery that cause scarring in the scalp will kill hair follicles, and will involve permanent hair loss on partial portions of the head. In this case, simple replacement of the damaged portions will suffice. If you unfortunately suffer from hair loss, offers a wide variety of hair solutions for you. From hair wigs to hair loss replacement, they have you covered. You don't have to continue suffering because you can do something about it. Article sustained by Rent a car Bucharest Airport.
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Dealing with Weight

Many of them thinks that reducing the weight is very tough and it takes more pain, but I did it in simple way I reduced my weight from 95 to 70 I lost nearly twenty five kilograms within short period. Moreover I didn’t use any electronic belts or I didn’t take any tablets, without that I lost twenty five kilograms in short period of time. Over weight comes because of fat inside the body, the simple method I used to reduce my weight are as follows. I stopped taking food items that has more fat and oil. Then gone for jogging at early morning and walking at evening for at least half an hour, taking two eggs per day reduces weight .I took limited food to reduce my weight. I have done abdomen exercise which helped me to lose weight. At night I took hot water mixed with honey which helped me a lot to lose the weight. By following these above instructions I reduced my weight from 95 kilograms to 70 kilograms. The above are the simple techniques which helped me to lose weight. Article sustained by Car rental Bucharest Otopeni Airport.
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Heart which is the engine for the human being consists if many veins and arteries. The block in the flow of blood to the heart leads to heart attack. The heart block can be detected and cured by medicine but certain conditions where the medicine is of no use then the remedy is angioplasty. It is a simple procedure where a stent (a wire mesh) is place in the blocked area. An artery is chosen in the femur region and a small catheter is inserted. The catheter is used as camera to locate the block. A tube containing stent and balloon is carried along with it. The die is also injected along with it to trace the block. Once the block is reached the tube (balloon) sent along with catheter is blown with air and the stent in placed in the correct position. Then the catheter and balloon is removed from the body. Once the stent is placed the normal flow of blood is seen in the artery and patient will be normal in one or two days. There are different kinds of stenting. According to the condition of the block and the patient the angioplasty may differ. The person can do all the normal works after a month from the angioplasty date. Articol sustinut de rent a car Bucuresti Romania.
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Juice Fasting

Fasting is described as the complete abstinence from food - which actually means water only. However most authorities on the subject now agree that juice fasting is of greater value than only water as a therapeutic tool. By abstaining from food, the digestive system can be rested and the body can concentrate on cleansing and rejuvenating the entire system. We are only as healthy as each individual cell in the body. If they are suffocated by waste products, then oxygen supplies drop, cell function diminishes and by excretion, organ functions also. Extended periods of stress, lack of exercise, over-eating and toxic bowel conditions decreases liver, kidney and digestive function. Cells then suffer from nutrient depletion and toxic accumulations, which prevent proper oxygenation. Juice fasting reverses all of this. Once digestion has stopped, the body can spend all day working on spring cleaning every cell. The juices are largely absorbed directly from the stomach, so that little activity is called for by the pancreas and intestines. The vitamins, minerals and enzymes in juices assist the cleaning process. Article sustained by Bucharest Baneasa Airport.
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Glue Ear

Glue ear develops after a child has had several bouts of ear infections, which may or may not cause pain and fever. The condition is characterized by a build-up of fluid in the middle ear and a painless hearing loss. In most cases, abnormal function of the Eustachian tube is the underlying factor. The job of this tube, connecting the nasal-pharynx and the middle ear, is to regulate the air pressure in the middle ear and clear sections from it. In otitis media, the tube becomes obstructed; fluids remain and may become colonized by bacteria. However, the underlying cause of Eustachian tube obstruction is usually allergy to food and chemicals, so if we are to cure the condition, treatment begins with food allergy tests. Most studies done in the past few years indicate that approximately 90% of glue ear patients have food allergies. No antibiotics or surgical intervention are normally necessary. The alarming increase in cases in past few years parallels the rise in the incidence of allergy in the population. Allergic reactions to a food may be occurring because the immune system is mistakenly recognizing it as foreign. Article provided by Anonymous Webmail.

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